Workshop 1 - Space

This first workshop will talk all about Space – the final frontier. What it is, why it behaves the way it does and what it would be like to go into Space.

We will look at the Missions patches also and invite you to design your own and send it into Space with us.

Date: 15 June 2021

Venue: Online via Zoom Link.

Click here for more details or on the image of the Mission Patches.

The second workshop will look at the weather and weather balloons in particular.

A selections of experiments that can be sent into Space will be explained to the class. An engaging discussion will take place in case there are any other experiments the class are interested in including.

Finally we will show the class how to make a paper aeroplane with a step by step guide and ask them to participatae in the paper aeroplane creation process afterwards.

Date : 18 June 2021

Venue : Online via Zoom Link

Click here for more details or on the image of the Paper Aeroplane.

Workshop 2 - Weather