Below are a list of suggested experiments for sending into Space

Sunflower Seed Test

Compare the growth of sunflower seeds exposed to space conditions with regular sunflower seeds. We could also check-out the growth of seeds such as radish or crest sprouts, exposed to space conditions is compared to control seeds at ground level.

Yeast Growth and CO2 Detector
What happens if we send baking yeast in the balloon?
Yeast flown in small bags of water or on plates outside the payload container typically will not survive. When flown inside, yeast samples showed highly variable survival rates. Exposure to radiation and not temperature or pressure is likely responsible for the survival.

Volume Test
If we send a Mp3 player to the edge of space will it continue to play? Is an MP3 strip affected by the cosmic ray strikes at 100,000 feet? Music on an mp3 player will stop in the thinning atmosphere, as space is a vacuum.

Cosmic Rays Test
What happens if we send camera film to the edge of space?
Undeveloped camera film will often contain white streaks when developed after being exposed to cosmic rays at high altitude

Bubble Wrap Test
Compare the bubble wrap that has been flown at the edge of space with that left behind. The bubble wrap pops due to the low pressure.

Wet Sponge Test
If we send a wet sponge in the weather balloon what will happen? Would the water in a wet sponge boil off due to the lack of pressure? Due to low pressure water evaporates off the sponge

Low Pressure on Objects Tests
Low pressure in space causes some objects to expand. Experiment with marshmallows – they will get bigger after being exposed to the reduced pressure in space.

Elasticity Check
Does the elasticity of a rubber band change after exposure to extreme temperature and radiation?
A rubber band will typically expand in space and loose some of its elasticity

Bounce Tests
Sending a ping pong/tennis/rubber ball into space? Will they bounce when they return?

Food Tests
Certain foods will freeze in the middle due to the low temperatures For example, garlic bread slightly freezes in the middle